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SD is defined as a development approach that will provide the well-being that people will equally share today and in the future; and that the relations between society, economy and environment should be properly regulated.

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Global and local partnership and cooperation are important in meeting the objectives. At this point, the localization of the goals will make it easier for each country to reach its goals.

In this process, local government has a significant duty and responsibility.

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Therefore, local governments can contribute to sustainable development as well as their existing duties at the local level.

As Adelman notes, local governments can develop local communities in line with SD principles bruson swiss anti-imbatranire phys- ical, economic, social, cultural, political and environmental contexts, especially by bruson swiss anti-imbatranire local dynamics. In this process, local governments have to re-examine both the content and the method of services they offer citizens. Hence, local governments should strive for more innovation and creativity than known methods for accessing SDGs.

In an environment where resources are limited, the government must adopt an inno- vative approach bruson swiss anti-imbatranire all levels, including local governments, as a whole.

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Innovation is also an important means of achieving SD and promoting social well-being and quality of life. Innovation distinguishes SD from traditional development models.

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The final stage of this process is the construction of smart cities with SD and an innovative management approach. In this study, innovation and creativity activities of local governments in Tur- key are analyzed by being associated with SDGs in particular.

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The study examines the situation of metropolitan municipalities especially in the sample of Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality. Important steps were taken in Turkey in the post period to strengthen local governments. With Law No. Therefore, in 30 cities, which are now considered as metropolitan urban areas in Turkey, the metropolitan munici- palities are responsible for serving the entire urban and rural area.

Given the size and nature of services offered by the metropolitan municipalities, the social, eco- nomic and environmental consequences of their transformation bruson swiss anti-imbatranire smart cities 14 will be substantial. The size of the population of the metropolitan municipalities and the potential competition that they have in driving local development and mobilizing resources for investment are very important.

The study reveals the potential of the metropolitan municipalities in Turkey in the case of IMM to create intelligent cities centering on SD.

Therefore, the successful practices of Istanbul are examined in the study. The study will lead to successful implementation of the IMM and will be an example for other local governments.

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It is important to disseminate information about innovation and, more importantly, make it useful for local governments seeking effective solutions to development and governance problems; and this is a very serious issue for the UN UN,p. Shar- ing information and disseminating information about innovations bruson swiss anti-imbatranire encouraging and inspiring in a comprehensive development for governments.

Sustainable Development and SDGs The concept of SD has entered the world agenda since the s, when aware- ness of the problems facing our world, both locally and globally, began to emerge.

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This concept emerged as a result of seeking to develop effective solution strategies to the problems created by the understanding and practices that ignore the envi- ronmental and social benefits in the long run, which are based on profitability and economic benefit only in the production—consumption process, starting with the Industrial Revolution and extending to bruson swiss anti-imbatranire day.

Below is a more detailed descrip- tion of the SD and SDGs, the name of the development approach that marked the last quarter of the 20th century and the 21st century. Sustainable Development SD, which began to enter the development literature from the s onward, has evolved with declarations Said, Ahmadun, Paim and Masud, ; Mckeown, as one of the main topics discussed in international conferences on envi- ronment and development, instead of philosophical and academic debates.

In this context, the Stockholm Human Environment Conference, which was held in Stock- holm in under the auspices of the UN, is described as the first step towards bringing the concept of sustainability to the international arena.

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Bruson swiss anti-imbatranire, accord- ing to the general consensus in the development literature, for the first time, our 15 Common Future, also known as the Brundtland Report, prepared in under the auspices of the UN Commission on the World Environment and Development, has conceptually bridged between environmental problems and development out- comes.

The report also emphasized that all countries in the world are part of an economic, political and social angle, and that SD can only be imple- mented if this holistic understanding is accepted by all countries.

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While the mama anti-imbatranire entered the literature for the first time in the s, interest in this concept increased in the s. Among the reasons for the increase in interest bruson swiss anti-imbatranire irregularities in the s in Africa, in South America, in Asia and in Europe, increasing conflicts, war, human rights abuses, the right to life, and the world scale that destroyed all social and economic progress—countable.

Without peace, no de- velopment and development model will be possible. Promoting peace also takes place within the SD. There is bruson swiss anti-imbatranire an interest in the fight against global warming. Among the objectives of the SD are also fighting against the marginalization of women and girls and increasing the number of literate women and girls. Inthe UN Environment and Development Conference was held in Rio de Janerio, due to the increased interest in the issue for the reasons mentioned above.

Despite the fact that the removal of poverty is an important goal as a result of the Summit, the Rio Declaration and Agenda 21, the main documents of the World Summit, emphasized the importance of protect- ing the natural environment first.

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The Habitat II Summit and the Istanbul Declaration, in which mimic antirid results of the UN Conference on Environment and Development are integrated with the Habitat Agenda, are inspired by the UN Convention and focused on the development of sustainable human settlements in a world where adequate housing and urbanization are experienced.

At bruson swiss anti-imbatranire Summit in Johannesburg, a more comprehensive SD paradigm was adopted with political participation at the level of heads of state and government. At the conclusion of the Summit, a Political Declaration was issued in which three bruson swiss anti-imbatranire pillars of the SD were mentioned.

These three pillars are identified as economic development, social development and protection of the environment UN, MDGs, which consist of eight goals, were adopted as a result of the Millennium Summit in national representatives, including heads of state and government organized by the UN UN, SDGs aim to be an action plan for people, planet and prosperity, and at the same time to strengthen world peace in the sense of greater freedom.


SDGs have been recognized and approved by the UN in as part of Agendaan agree- ment to develop global sustainability by UN, By providing practical guidance for public and private organizations, SDGs have established a wide range of targets, indicators and sustainability measures, not just 17 goals UN, SDGs entered into force in Januaryand for the next 15 years the global community will strive to achieve these goals.

For example, governments will in- tegrate SDGs into their national development plans and policies. A partnership of governments, the private sector, civil society and citizens is essential for the reali- 1 Some SDGs were based on previous MDGs, while others included new ideas. A critical review suggests that various quality indicators in terms of meeting certain criteria are recommend- ed to assess SD Hák, Janousková and Moldan, All countries and stakeholders will act in cooperation and implement this plan UN, SDGs have an inclusive agenda that provides bruson swiss anti-imbatranire guidance and targets for all countries to adopt in accordance with their priorities and the environmental chal- lenges facing the world.

SDGs with 17 goals are UN,p.


To end all kinds of poverty; SDG2. Finish the hunger; SDG1.

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Finish the hunger; SDG3. Providing people with a healthy lifestyle and prosperity; SDG4. Providing lifelong education for all; SDG5. To ensure gender equality; SDG6. To provide access to water and sanitation for all; SDG7. To provide accessible and sustainable energy for all; SDG8.

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To ensure sustainable and inclusive economic development; SDG9. Build durable infrastructure and encourage new discoveries; SDG To reduce inequalities within and between countries; SDG To make cities and human settlements safe and sustainable; SDG To ensure sustainable consumption and production; SDG Urgent steps to combat climate change bruson swiss anti-imbatranire its effects; SDG Protecting, restoring and ensuring sustainable use of terrestrial ecosys- tems; SDG To revitalize the global partnership for SD.

Innovation for Sustainable Development Innovation is defined as a new and original process Walker,p.

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Innovation is a broad concept that includes both the process of innovation and its outcomes Salge, Researchers often call the development of a creative thinking that leads to organizational change an innovation process. An ideal innovation process requires strong motivation for individuals, groups and organizations to increase their knowledge of new informa- tion and related problems. The ideal process also requires conceptual open-mind- edness and pragmatism at a certain level, a promising idea, a practical method to transform productive change Gonzalez, Llopis and Gasco,p.

Therefore, the implementa- tion or actual use of an idea must take place to transform a new idea into an inno- vation Cum să îndepărtați holul pliului nazolabial and Evan, This is the difference between invention and innovation Bessant, According to Bruson swiss anti-imbatranire et al. Types of Innovation The bruson swiss anti-imbatranire of innovation is complex and diverse.