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annals of the university of petroşani ∼ economics ∼ vol. xi - part i

At the same time it would create conditions for the training of foreman students, as well as of students from The school of technical mine drivers and chemical-metallurgists that was to be set up in Brad; they were legally required to attend a two month training during the holidays within the four years of study 29 ; during the summer holiday it would train high school students, students of commercial or industrial gymnasium Those who wanted to complete their work for diplomas or doctoral theses would also come to Brad.

In Junethe mine engineer Mircea Socolescu, head of Prospecting Department within the Geological Institute of Romania received approval to conduct a 28 Ibidem, dos. He could visit different places in the mine and he was shown plans and technical data; he was staying in Gurabarza colony and he would have an assistant for the duration of his staying in Brad Young engineers were hired temporarily for a trial period; if they proved themselves skillful they would be employed permanently.

Istoric academic, cursuri de pregatire si certificari profesionale septembrie Consilier pentru dezvoltare personala Certificat absolvire Ministerul Muncii si Justitiei Sociale si Minsterul Educatiei Nationale decembrie Consilier metabolic balance 27 septembriecursurile cu temele: 1 Metodologii moderne in Reabilitarea Bolilor Reumatice, 2 Aspecte Teoretico-Practice de Abordare a Lombosciatalgiilor si 3 Nursing in Medicina Fizica si de Reabilitare, desfasurate la Sanatoriul Balnear si de Recuperare Techirghiol, cu ocazia Conferinta Aniversara Techirghiol — ani de balneologie romaneasca. Traditie si modernism, septembrie A membru activ b.

An increase in the number of personnel will be accompanied by an increase in the number of technical and administrative officers; this is statistically proved. We must emphasize the fact that technical officers, mainly engineers, will have the role of coordinating the productive activity and because of their obligations or due to their interest showed they were involved in finding practical solutions to the proceduri anti-imbatranire non-chirurgicale of technical problems that arose.

Francais Roumain

The management of mines will ask engineers to solve various issues that would contribute to the cremă antirid cu adevărat funcțională of the activity For the necessary study material - books, magazines — a written application should be submitted with the Board in order to purchase those materials that can not be found in the library of Brad Company or in the libraries of the mines.

Of course that the involvement, especially in finding solutions that provide modernization or defining changes, will not be compulsory for all, at least not equally compulsory.

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We have heard about the scientific activity of Dr. Ion Marinescu, but just as important is eng. Felea, Prof.

Ion M. Marinescu, Revista Minelor, vol. The Apuseni Mountains Department of the Association was set up in January ; during its sessions there were presented conferences dedicated to the professional and scientific matters And in order to fulfill this task, what we define as the reproduction of labor power, great human and material investments were made that led to a positive result.

Sieber, Problema aurului în România, A. Baron, M. Perioada interbelică, Editura Universitas, Petroşani [2]. Felea, I. Hamangiu, C. Marin, I.

Lăzărescu, M. Şcoala de conductori minieri şi chimico - metalurgi de la Baia Mare, refugiată la Brad [8].

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  • annals of the university of petroşani ∼ economics ∼ vol. xi - part i
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Marinescu, I. Sieber, A. Analele Minelor din România, Bucureşti, [11]. Miniera, Bucureşti, [13]. Monitorul Oficial, I, nr.

annals of the university of petroşani ∼ economics ∼ vol. xi - part i ...

Ulmanu, O. Moreover, European integration and openness to the EU internal market and the challenge involves increasing competitiveness, which can negatively affect the process of building an economy, like Romania. In this context, structural instruments are the most important resource that Romania will have to face the challenges of change and integration. However, regional development policy can not solely be the key to overall development of a state, especially in terms of its actual effects on growth are difficult to assess.

A critical dimension of this is represented on the nature of economic and quality of other public policies that form the core of economic policy mix of a state: the legal protection of property rights and market economy, taxation, antitrust, etc.

USA The Process of Reporting and Receiving Support Following Exposure to Intimate Partner Violence During Childhood While a significant body of research suggests that exposure to intimate partner violence IPV during childhood has severe and long-lasting consequences, little is known about how children cope with witnessing IPV, including who they tell about the violence, whether they receive support after disclosing, and the association between childhood disclosure and adulthood mental health. The current study examines these issues in Swedish young adults who endorsed witnessing IPV during childhood. Individuals who disclosed the violence were most likely to tell a friend and least likely to use an anonymous hotline. Young adults with higher levels of depression were less likely to have disclosed IPV during their childhood. If such reports were filed, it was most likely to the police.

KEY WORDS: cprna 23 convenție anuală pentru anti-îmbătrânire development policy; managerial competencies; public administration; decentralizations; territorial planning; operational program. After the Second World War, the communist leadership has opted for a unique solution of economic development, industrial sector development.

Communist Party and its governments have pursued the policy implementation process of industrialization a number of major principles for the location of new industrial facilities. Throughout its history, various provinces and parts of Romania have had different degrees of economic development.

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Among these may be mentioned as priorities the following: location near sources of raw materials or the main urban agglomerations; maximum utilization of labour resources available, especially in underdeveloped areas; recovery through industrialization and processing of local raw materials; support growth and development of new industrial sites in urban areas. These four priority directions of the process of industrialization policy, in general, all former centrally-planned socialist economy based on, contain contradictory elements.

In an attempt to ensure a balanced development in the egalitarian sense of all regions of the socialist-oriented planning and infrastructure investments in the industry to all areas of the country, whether these investments were justified or not economically.

CV Georgiana Ozana Tache

The effect of this policy was the rapid industrialization of less developed counties, the expense of more developed, which was accompanied, as in other countries, a process of migration of rural population in urban areas. While industrial activity was concentrated in certain regions of the country where they were mainly mineral and energy resources available and other barbie riduri fotografie characterized by the dominance of agricultural activities and services.

The goal is development was diminishing differences between counties, the sole criterion, the level of industrial development.

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Following this process of industrialization was creating a database of industrial production in each county, regardless of the economic viability of this development. This kind of redistribution of national resources in the global fund, eventually led to a slowdown in the pace of economic development. The result was contradictory: an excessive diversification of the types of industries located in the counties, but also cprna 23 convenție anuală pentru anti-îmbătrânire appearance of many localities are dependent on a single large or small industrial enterprise, usually in heavy industry, chemical engineering.

Also, many rural villages were declared towns without meeting minimum international standards in this respect, the communist regime was concerned about the decreasing percentage - very large - the rural population in Romania and who do not support, formal ambitions to place the country among countries developed world.

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The result of this policy was cprna 23 convenție anuală pentru anti-îmbătrânire realization Romanian cities, their architecture standardization, working-class neighbourhoods of large transformation blocks in slums.

The whole extent of this process, rural residence remained substantial in Romania, the phenomenon of "commuting" with all its economic and social consequences, as their entire communist period. In general, the process of industrialization and urbanization forced imposed communist regime in Romania, in a brutal manner and massive displacement of the prevailing traditional structures of Romanian society.

Correction to normal market economy and modernization of the company were halted.

Sesiunea a fost deschisă la ora 9. Depunerea documentelor: a se vedea procesul-verbal 3. După cum mulţi dintre dumneavoastră ştiu, John Bowis s-a îmbolnăvit recent la Bruxelles şi a fost internat. Acesta a suferit o operaţie, care — mă bucur să o spun — a fost un succes, iar acum se află în convalescenţă; prin urmare, dumnealui reprezintă un exemplu de asistenţă medicală transfrontalieră. Locul său este ocupat astăzi de prietenul şi colegul meu Philip Bushill-Matthews.

Regional Development - Past, Present and Future in Tratament la domiciliu pentru anti-imbatranire 19 However, as a result of this process of industrialization in many areas of the country's massive disparities in their economic development were substantially reduced during the centralized economy. With the transition to a market economy, regional disparities problem reappeared.

After the collapse of the socialist regime and since the introduction of market economy, resources tended to be directed towards those areas where it was possible to maximize their utilization. As a result, the poorest regions, which have seen an artificial industrial development, now supports a severe impact of transition and structural adjustment in the transition to market economy system. Statistical data, with all their shortcomings shows that Romania has entered the transition with a relatively low level of regional disparities, compared to the new Member States, but that these disparities have increased rapidly, first in Bucharest area and the rest of the country and, in lesser degree, among other regions.

Economic and social analysis revealed, aftera process of increasing economic and social development disparities between regions. Development differences between the most developed region Bucuresti - Ilfov and the least developed North-Eastin terms of GDP per capita increased almost threefold. At the same time, there is a growing disparity between regions located in the western half of the country North-West, Centre and Westwith positive economic developments and an increasing level of many indicators of economic and social development and those in the middle east of the country North-South East, South and South-Westless developed.

Market forces tend to favour the widening gaps.

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Industrial centres or areas that present a strong service sector are usually more developed, while the peripheral areas of agriculture, infrastructure predominantly poor become even more marginalized. The first analysis of regional disparities in post-communist Romania has been made under the PHARE program for the period March to July and was included in two reports aiming primarily an analysis of sectored differences and then global ones, between counties, with using aggregate indicators.

Based on this information has been made a map of regional disparities in Romania, which allowed the spatial location of poverty and under - development in the country's two main areas: north-east, which includes virtually all the historical region of Moldova and the South, that the largest agricultural area of the country - Romanian Plain.