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Main article: Moldovan presidential election After the first round, he criticized the diaspora as being out of touch with the Moldovan mainland when the polls showed their preference for Maia Sandu, referring to them as "in a real way, a parallel electorate for Moldova. This resulted in gmg 2 anti-imbatranire outbreak of memes on social media in Moldova.

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The announcement came as a surprise as Dodon and Voronin have accused each other of treason and political corruption. Due to this, on 11 Junethe European Court of Human Rights condemned the Republic of Moldova, and imposed the Republic of Moldova government to pay 25 thousand Euro to five of the seven Turkish citizens.

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Previously, before coming to power, the ACUM 's block position was based on the fact that behind the Turkish teachers "expel" would be Igor Dodon.

The PAS 's statement, published on the party's Facebook page, was mentioned, "For money designed to the renovation of the Presidency building and for erase repair ha anti aging cream comentarii other goods procurement, the human rights are violated in Moldova and this is inadmissible".

In his opinion, the workers of this institution have acted on the command of the leader of the Democratic Party Vladimir Plahotniuc and of the president Dodon.

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The chairman of the National Security Commission and the MP of the Dignity and Truth Platform, Chiril Moțpan, who is investigating the expel of Turkish teachers, claimed that the president had no attribution to this case. According to him, the socialists have asked for federalization of the Republic of Moldova and providing the special statute to the Transnistrian regionlaunching the negotiation among Republic of Moldova, European Union and Russian Federation on trade policy, changing the Constitution of the Republic of Moldovaand the election of the President of the Republic of Moldova by the Parliament.

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He also accused the party of becoming a threat to the "stability, peace and the very existence" of the Republic of Moldova and its extraordinarily large base Rutina de îngrijire a pielii anti-îmbătrânire 2021 financial resources — the origin of which bear "reasonable doubt".

On 8 Augustat the press conference with the topic "Presentation of the criminal complaint against Igor Dodon.

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Arguments and facts" the criminal complaint was presented by Anatol Șalaruthe executive president of the party, an MP in the first Parliament of the Republic of Moldova and the deputy-president of the Liberal Party. The reason serves the video tape that reflected the discussions held among Igor Dodon and former PD leader Vladimir Plahotniucwhich appeared in the press in June Based on some loan contracts, the billions of MDL have been transferred from this company to the party's sponsors.

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In the document published by Reniță, the reporter officer has mentioned that the money came from offshore have been used in the presidential electoral campaign, [] that at the end has been won by Igor Dodon, the PSRM leader at that time. According to the documents at least 30 MPs affiliated to the Socialist Party, have received from Russia, through an off-shore from Bahamas some funds, whose main beneficiary is Igor Dodon.

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The MP has mentioned that: "one of the sources for illegal financing of the presidential campaign of the Igor Dodon held in was from the Russian Federation through Bahamas, via laundering of about 1,5 million Euros.

According to Viorel Morari, the Dodon family would have accepted the payment of the flights and luxury trips from the money coming from the economic agents managed by Ilan Shor. Gațcan [] [] shows how far President Igor Dodon can go, who actually controls the power in Chișinău.

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The protesters particularly criticized Dodon for allowing himself to congratulate Lukashenko on behalf of the Moldovan peoplein spite of the negative feelings towards the Belarusian leader at the time. However, he has only used the latter two in public speeches.

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Dodon had proposed Gaiciuc for the position of defense minister after rejecting Eugen Sturza 's candidacy.