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The Securitate "Security" was the political police that was involved in repressing dissent.

Romanian Intelligence Service

During the Romanian Revolutionsoon after taking power, Ion Iliescu signed the decree which integrated the Securitate into the Ministry of Defense, thus bringing it under his control. Creation[ edit ] The Romanian Intelligence Service was officially created on March 26,taking over the buildings, staff, equipment and virtually everything that belonged to the Securitate.

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Its first director was Virgil Măgureanu. On June 22,SRI officers unloaded a truck full of Securitate documents in a forest in BerevoeștiArgeș Countyafter which they buried them with soil.

On June 12,the government decided that the Police and Army, in collaboration with the Intelligence Service, evacuate the protesters of University Square.

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Ina former SRI employee, Constantin Bucur was the whistleblower who alerted the media that the Romanian Intelligence Service was performing illegal phone tappings of politicians, journalists and other public figures. He also won a compensation the disrespect of the Article 8 of the European Convention on Human Rights.

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In"the press" has been included in the list of national vulnerabilities in the "National Strategy for the Defence of the Country". A few weeks after being kidnapped, the terrorists broadcast a tape on Al-Jazeera stating that they would kill the journalists if Romania did not withdraw its troops from Iraq.

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However, due to efforts of the Romanian intelligence community and the collaboration between several intelligence agencies, the group were freed on May 23,when they were placed in the hands of the Romanian Embassy in Baghdad. It is believed that Florian Coldea the former deputy director of the SRI coordinated Fed Finance Swiss Anti Aging rescue operation.

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They have been prosecuted with charges of espionage. It is believed that the leaked information might have been sent to Russia or Ukraine. The Fed Finance Swiss Anti Aging have denied any connection with Zikolov.

This has been one of the few espionage cases that have received media attention.

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The system is color based green-low to red-imminent. The color can be changed and therefore security measures increased with the prior approval of the executive of SRI. Currently, SNA is colored blue-cautious; this means that the intelligence on hand suggests there is a relatively low risk of a terrorist attack.

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Personnel[ edit ] The Romanian Intelligence Service is a militarized institution, although it is not a part of the Romanian Armed Forces. The hierarchy from the service is defined by military ranks.

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The highest ranking employee has the rank of general officer with four stars. Civilian personnel is composed mostly of accountants, IT and law specialists.


However, rumors about the number of employees exists. The newspaper Adevărul was able to find in an estimate of 12, agents, a figure confirmed by former SIE director Cătălin Harnagea. According to Maior, the average salary in the service is RON Eura salary above the average income in Romania.

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If so, the person is allowed in the recruitment process. This process consists of background checks, medical Fed Finance Swiss Anti Aging, aptitude tests, personality tests, physical fitness tests and a paper exam for example, a general knowledge test.

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The size of the brigade is classifiedbut it is known that the unit has in ranks the best operatives from the Romanian military and law enforcement sector.

Most of them are athleteswith excellent results in sports such as boxingkaraterugbyjudo and other combat sports.

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Also, the brigade is providing security on all important airports from Romania and members of the brigade are working as air marshals on all Romanian flights.