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Apart from being a wife and a mother, women must also fulfil their professional role at work. They do not participate in decision-making, and their opinions are overlooked, even though most work in their household is performed by them. The survey has focused on both employment and efforts by respondents to find a job. Subsequent to the focus groups involving women aged between 19 and 45 years old both employed women and women seeking a jobwe have determined they do acknowledge and are constantly facing such stereotypes, particularly when applying for employment.

These take on many forms juan sopena alimente anti-imbatranire particularly refer to age, gender and marital status of the one or the ones looking for a job. Thus, women who already have children or who want to become mothers must always choose between their careers and families. Also, almost no one takes into serious consideration that a man can ask for paternity leave.

Stereotypes and their adverse effects are affecting women and distorting the employers perspective; employment statements are often worded: I need a man to.

Facing stereotypes generates development in any company and under any circumstances. Focus group discussions have resulted in immediate increased awareness, free exchange of views and opinions on refining situations, highlighting some new issues, promoting examples of good practice, personal patterns or even suggestions of participants regarding the mentioned topic.

Although important, these changes are not sufficient. Ele trebuie s ndeplineasc, pe lng rolul de soie i mam, i rolul de profesionist la locul juan sopena alimente anti-imbatranire munc. Ele nu particip la luarea deciziilor, iar prerea lor este trecut cu vederea, chiar dac lucreaz cel mai mult n gospodrie. Studiul a acordat atenie ocuprii i eforturilor pe care respondenii le fac pentru a-i gsi un loc de munc. Scopul cercetrii a fost evidenierea i contientizarea prejudecilor i stereotipurilor legate de femei, ndeosebi a celor n raport cu munca i cariera profesional a acestora.

Acestea capt diverse forme i se refer, n special, la vrst, sex i starea civil a celui sau a celei ce i caut un loc de munc. Astfel, femeile care au deja juan sopena alimente anti-imbatranire sau care i doresc s fie mame trebuie s aleag mereu ntre carier i familie. Stereotipurile i efectul nociv ale acestora afecteaz femeile i denatureaz perspectiva angajatorilor, o comand de angajare fiind formulat cel mai des astfel: am nevoie de un brbat care s.

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Confruntarea stereotipurilor genereaz dezvoltare, n orice companie i n orice situaie. Astfel, evaluarea unui angajat se poate face pe criterii ct mai obiective, scopul fiind s ai n organizaie cel mai bun angajat din punct de vedere al performanei, nu din punct de vedere al sexului.

Discuiile din cadrul focus grupurilor au avut ca efect imediat creterea gradului de contientizare, schimbul liber de preri i opinii, privind nuanarea unor situaii, evidenierea unor aspecte noi, promovarea unor exemple de bune practici, a unor modele personale sau chiar a propunerilor participanilor, referitoare la tema men-ionat. Dei importante, aceste schimbri nu sunt suficiente. Thus it will be easier to identify the roots of certain behaviours, mindsets juan sopena alimente anti-imbatranire prejudices in present society as regard the manifold roles of modern women in terms of juan sopena alimente anti-imbatranire personal environment: family, workplace, and society.

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Traditional Societies. Distribution of Roles within the Family History shows that men and women play different roles in many traditional societies. They also show they had a different evolution.

Men were hunters, while women were gatherers.

Sofronie, N.

The idea that men are ce face o cremă bună anti-îmbătrânire always the ones who take action is connected with the males desire to play such parts as the wise man, the food provider and the conqueror of human societies. Based on this idea, the theories of human evolution have focused on mens activities rather than womens, and placed the power to adjust of individuals at its very core.

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As in primitive societies women could not procure food by themselves, and nutrients provision was central for life, they reached an agreement with men provided they would guarantee to become their partners. And thus, while men were away, women stayed at home to Table 1. Murdock apud Constantin Schifirne, Astfel, vor fi mai uor de identificat originile unor comportamente, atitudini i prejudeci existente n rndul societii actuale cu privire la multiplele roluri ale femeii moderne raportate la mediul cruia i aparine: familie, serviciu, societate.

Societile tradiionale. Diviziunea rolurilor n familie. Istoria ne arat c brbaii i femeile aveau roluri diferite n multe societi tradiionale, aadar au evoluat diferit. Brbaii erau vntori, n timp ce femeile erau culegtoare.

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Faptul c cel care ntreprinde aceste acte este aproape ntotdeauna brbatul leag aceast idee cu dorina lui de a ocupa rolul neleptului, rolul furnizorului de hran i rolul cuceritorului n societile umane. Cu aceast idee ca juan sopena alimente anti-imbatranire, teoriile evoluiei umane s-au axat pe activitile brbailor i nu pe cele ale femeilor, ca parte central a puterii de adaptare a indivizilor. Deoarece n societatea primitiv asigurarea nutrienilor ocupa un rol foarte important, iar femeile, n cele mai multe cazuri, nu puteau procura singure hrana, ele ncheie o nelegere cu brbatul doar dac acesta dorete Tabelul 1.

In time, women have developed an increased sense of protection over their children. One could state the natural and strong mother-child bond has been the main constraint for primitive women to be subjected to more juan sopena alimente anti-imbatranire labour and living conditions. We cannot speak of a so-called liberation of women from the gatherer role but once men agreed working the land together and even later on when prisoners of war would no longer be killed, but taken as booty and turned into slaves instead.

It is at that time that women would turn their attention onto children and start investing time and energy in their upbringing and education. Women in the Ancient World Over the years, marriage turns from a union very much alike a partnership into a much respected institution by most community members. However, the roles of family members remain the same: the woman has the role of a wife, mother, household manager, while the man continues to be involved in the activities of the community, politics, and warfare.

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The woman is the one who takes care of the family elders, as in the Ancient World, there was a developed sense of belonging to a particular group and the group or collective interests prevailed over individual interests.

Nevertheless when referring to women of those times we cannot confine to this descriptive picture of the role of women in society, as a womans status was determined by the cultural context to a great extent. Privileges in Ancient Egypt. Egyptian society appears to have been more lenient towards women. Although much of the usual domestic responsibilities of primeval women are to be found in the lifestyle of female Egyptians mostly household tasksthey enjoyed more privileges than their predecessors.

After marriage 22 No. Egyptian women enjoyed certain rights that their contemporaries in other civilizations of the ancient juan sopena alimente anti-imbatranire did not: they could own property, secure various sources of income, become active members of their community. Ancient Egypt is the ideal background for the development of the family concept, the lower and middle classes being more than often monogamous.

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Only royalty could be polygamous. Although polygamy implies the existence of several juan sopena alimente anti-imbatranire, the queen alone could influence her husbands decisions. The most famous feminine figure of Ancient Egypt is undoubtedly Queen Cleopatra who epitomizes womens evolution in different societies.

She acceded to the throne after her fathers death and proved to be a true leader who wouldnt let her territory be conquered by the enemy. A native Macedonian, she is the only member of her family to have learnt Egyptian apart from the other six she spoke. Through her diverse initiatives, she drew her people close to her and protected them from the Roman invaders.

Her death was a queens demise as she took her life to avoid capture and the humiliation of being sent in chains to Rome by Octavian. Unlike their counterparts in ancient times, the modern Egyptian women have quite a different position juan sopena alimente anti-imbatranire. In the Egyptian culture strongly influenced by Islam faith and law women are stated lower than men and must obey their husbands.

Polygamy is a legal form of union under the law. Domestic violence and marital abuse are punished provided a witness can testify it. Until recently, women were allowed to travel or have a suitable job as long as their husbands approved of it.

The very notion of beauty is different from the ancient Egyptian civilization, and this is largely due to their Islamic religion. Thus, womens code dress is so strict that they must wear a veil called Hijab to cover their head, ears and neck. The pbuh - women who keep to the religion of Islam exactly as the wives of the Prophet Muhammad did - are even stricter with their public appearances, as they wear a black veil called Niqab that covers their face.

Roman Beauty.

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The Romans were strongly influenced by religion. And this shaped two attitudes towards life: conformity and formalism. While complying with tradition, they successfully adjusted to the new cultural influences and concurrently developed two kinds of eulogy: praise of the past and praise of the present times.

What mattered for Romans was comparative adsl swiss anti aging sense of personal accomplishment through fully living ones life. This idea is largely shared and embraced by Roman women, especially women writers who depict how men writers apprehend certain social practices that are capital for womens lives. Juan sopena alimente anti-imbatranire Egyptian women, Romans scored an evolution in relation to the strong sex.

Following a time when women had no right to speak, Roman women are encouraged to take part in decision-making on family matters, and evoluia femeii n societate s i ofere garanii, ca partener. Astfel, n juan sopena alimente anti-imbatranire ce brbaii erau abseni, femeile devin responsabile de meninerea gospodriei i de creterea copiilor, dezvoltnd, n cele din urm, un sim de juan sopena alimente anti-imbatranire mai sporit asupra acestora.

Am putea afirma c tocmai aceast relaie natural i puternic a mamei cu copilul su a fost principala constrngere a mamelor primitive de a fi supuse unor condiii mai severe de munc i de trai. Despre o aa-zis eliberare a femeii din rolul de culegtor se poate vorbi n mijloace anti-imbatranire n care brbaii au fost de acord s cultive pmntul alturi de ele, dar i mult mai trziu n istorie, cnd prizonierii de rzboi nu mai erau ucii, ci transformai n sclavi.

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Femeia n Antichitate Odat cu trecerea anilor, cstoria i schimb nutriție anti-îmbătrânire a pielii, dintr-o uniune care seamn mai degrab a parteneriat, ntr-o form de instituie respectat de mare parte a membrilor comunitii.

Totui, rolurile membrilor familiei rmn aceleai: femeia are rolul de soie, mam, administrator al gospodriei, pe cnd brbatul continu s se implice n activiti ale obtii, politic, rzboaie.

Femeia este cea care are n grij i btrnii familiei, deoarece, n Anchitate, simul de apartenen la un anumit grup este foarte dezvoltat, iar interesul acestuia prima, n cele mai multe cazuri, fa de interesul individual. Cu toate acestea, atunci cnd ne referim la femeia acelor timpuri, nu putem avea doar aceast imagine descriptiv a rolului ei n societate, deoarece condiia femeii era foarte mult determinat de cultura creia aceasta i aparinea.

Privilegiile Egipului Antic. Societatea egiptean era, poate, cea mai ngduitoare fa de condiia femeii. Dei mare parte din responsabilitile domestice ale femeii primitive se regsesc i n modalitatea de convieuire a femeilor egiptene atribuii gospodretiele se bucurau de privilegii pe care predecesoarele lor nu le-au avut. Prin instituirea cstoriei, femeile i brbaii erau vzui ca indivizi egali. Femeile aveau anumite drepturi de care cele din alte civilizaii nu se bucurau la acea vreme: dreptul de a poseda o proprietate, de a-i asigura diverse surse de venit, de a fi un membru activ n colectivitate.

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Egiptul antic este un cadru ideal pentru dezvoltarea noiunii de familie, monogamia fiind cel mai des ntlnit n rndul claselor inferioare i de mijloc. Doar cei care aparineau regalitii aveau dreptul de a practica poligamia. Dei presupunea existena mai multor soii, una singur dintre acestea, regina, putea avea influen asupra deciziilor soului su.

Cea mai cunoscut femeie din Egiptul Antic este, fr ndoial, regina Cleopatra, care ntruchipeaz cel mai bine evoluia femeii n diferite civilizaii. Ajuns la tron dup moartea juan sopena alimente anti-imbatranire su, aceasta se dovedete a fi un adevrat conductor care nu i las teritoriul cucerit de dumani.

De origine juan sopena alimente anti-imbatranire, ea a fost singura din familia sa care a nvat limba egiptean n afar juan sopena alimente anti-imbatranire alte ase pe care le cunotea i care a avut diverse iniiative de a apropia poporul i de a-l apra de cotropitorii latini.

Poligamia este prevzut prin lege ca form legal de uniune, abuzurile fizice asupra femeilor, violena domestic pot fi pedepsite doar n cazul n care exist un martor la cele ntmplate. Pn acum civa ani, femeile nu aveau voie s cltoreasc fr acordul soilor lor, sau nu puteau practica anumite meserii. Astfel, femeile sunt obligate s se mbrace ct mai decent i s poarte un vl numit Hijab ce le acoper capul, urechile i gtul.

Femeile care in religia islamic ntocmai nevestelor profetului Mohamed pbuhsunt i mai stricte cu felul n care se afieaz n public, ele purtnd un vl negru ce le acoper ntreaga fa, numit Niqab. Frumuseea roman. Romanii aveau o mentalitate influenat de religie, care a generat dou atitudini n viaa indivizilor: conformismul i formalismul.

Acetia au pus n balan respectarea cutumelor i adaptarea la noile influene, dezvoltnd astfel, simultan, dou tipuri de elogiere n stilul lor de via: elogierea trecutului i a prezentului. Pentru ei primeaz un concept de mplinire pe plan personal, prin trirea pe deplin a vieii, mprtit i de multe femei romane la acea vreme, n special scriitoare, care redau modul n care scriitorii brbai percep unele practici sociale, capitale pentru viaa femeilor.

Asemntor femeii egiptene, i femeia roman se bucur de o evoluie n raport cu sexul puternic. Dup o perioad n care acestea nu aveau dreptul la cuvnt, juan sopena alimente anti-imbatranire latine le este ncurajat participarea la luarea deciziilor n familie, ba chiar i sftuirea soilor atunci Nr.

They are mater mother. The term is derived were more concerned about politics and arts. In terms from matron, which means a married woman enjoying of private life, family was its very core.

Men were the certain rights and privileges in her family. They were under Like Egyptian women, Romans scored an evolution in Women in Ancient the fathers authority relation to the strong sex. Following a time when women Greece did not enjoy or guardianship until had no right to speak, Roman women are encouraged to a different legal status marriage and entered take part in decision making on family matters, and even if compared to their under the husbands counsel their husbands whenever they ask for their advice.

Roman counterparts. This They were under the They are mater mother. The term is derived from matron, was due to the current authority of and depenpopular belief that which means a married woman enjoying certain rights and dent on either their anti-cremă rating riduri are weaker and privileges in her family.

They could not choose Nevertheless they were their husbands or maentitled to a certain Irina Rdu nage their dowries. A Team Member of Lets Rediscover School Project amount of education, Moreover so, the spouwhich would increase to ses did not live together, some extent so that in time women would be sufficiently the woman being confined to a specific room or flat prepared to teach their own children at home.

They thalamus in the home, away from the eyes of men became more demanding with their domestic servants and allowed no contact with them.

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They would not eat claiming they had minimal knowledge about the juan sopena alimente anti-imbatranire together, not even at feasts where the only present women of the time, especially philosophy. The womens fine education determines their more Nonetheless women were allowed to participate in active juan sopena alimente anti-imbatranire juan sopena alimente anti-imbatranire society hence an increased interest different activities, but only if accompanied by their in fashion and accessories, personal care and beauty.

They could take walks or go to the theatre, They were concerned about their looks and this was particularly tragedies, as comedies were for audiences of complemented by an adequate attitude for the fitting lower class. Priestesses were when women were allowed on stage. Hellenistic Purity. Ancient Greece laid the foundation for many of todays modern institutions and heralded superior political, government and legal structures.

Public life was run differently in each polis city-state and this largely depended on the local interests Spartans were 24 No. Rediscovery of Beauty. The Middle Ages unveil a new feminine aspect, and thus womens role in society becomes increasingly important. Once guardianship is abolished, a woman is no longer owned as any other property by her husband who continues to be the head of the household. Women are entitled to own or sell property. English women of the aristocracy also lawfully enjoyed civil rights: they could write their will, be part of legal actions, sign documents.

For over one thousand years, humankind had directed its efforts towards development of human thinking, proficiency and skills. However, under the influence of the Eastern world, people are increasingly enchanted by material possessions, the delight of colors and the pleasure to feel diverse objects.

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Love is coveted by many, sung by minstrels and embodied in vivid works of art where woman and her beauty are central. Poetry allowed reversing the traditional women obedience to men.