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Într-adevăr, acest mit este foarte răspândit, chiar şi printre studenţii la psihologie şi alţi oameni cu studii. Desigur, niciunul dintre noi nu ar refuza o sporire viguroasă a capacităţii cerebrale, dacă asta ar fi cu putinţă, în mod deloc surprinzător, vânzătorii care prosperă pe baza speranţelor nefondate ale publicului pentru autoperfecţionare miraculoasă, continuă să facă comerţ ambulant cu un izvor nesfârşit de scheme şi dispozitive dubioase bazate pe mitul celor 10 procente.

However, what we never did before is to try to convey the inner-workings îmbătrânire anti sănătate imun legacyforlife net an inside joke to a group that is outside of it. Heck, sometimes we need to explain to Romanians on the right side of the Prut river some of these things because no matter how similar the two societies are the Romanian and Moldovan there are still shockingly many differences.

Despite having Romanian as the official language, Russian is still pretty common in Moldova. Such situations exist in every country, of course. Nobody bats an eyelid when hearing it and everyone understands what the speaker meant. However, in most countries of Europe, such imports into the language occurred decades or even centuries ago. In Moldova, most of them occurred in the last 20 years or so — as more and more people started to speak Romanian in public since Russian was no longer mandatory but those generations were educated in the Soviet system.

Perhaps this explains why so many young people are running in this election more on that later.

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You basically need to speak the latter two really damn well or to have lived in Moldova for many years to get an idea of what this very smart history teacher is trying to convey. Good luck: At the same time, however, Moldova is still going through an identity crisis. Is it really a country? But hold on — what something else? More on that later. Or the Pridnestrovian Moldavian Republic. From an international law perspective, the PMR belongs to Moldova.

Point of information: there was a moment when the Romanian language was written in the Cyrillic script but that stopped almost years ago. Well, usually, the votes from this region which de jure belongs to Moldova would routinely go towards pro-Russian factions. The slogan? The same NPC voters who made other no-names relevant in Moldovan politics in the past. For those who may have followed Moldova in the past, Vladimir Voronin is that president against whom the people rose up on April 7, in a similar fashion their western neighbors had risen up 20 years earlier against Ceaușescu.

Text actualizat 12 august a adăugat mai multe date științifice surse verificate. Acest articol poate nu doar pentru citire, dar, de asemenea, asculta.

No matter how you look at it, these guys represent the distant past. One thing is certain though: The path to victory for BECS is pretty narrow because in addition to fielding very pasée frontrunners, their message — one of independence — is l'occitane sampon lot less popular than it was even a year ago, let alone 5 or 10 years ago.

The faith in Moldova as a viable independent state is running dry.

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Renato Usatîi is the mayor of Bălți, a town known as a Russian-speaking stronghold. We will go îmbătrânire anti sănătate imun legacyforlife net and will show you how it evolved.

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For now, it is worth noting that Renato Usatîi was instrumental in unseating Igor Dodon back in November One reason him personally is popular is because under his leadership the municipality of Bălți suffered a transformation mostly for the better — and it even attracted international attention as to how transparent his administration is and just how much has corruption been reduced. Usatîi would like to create the Moldovan equivalent of the Mossad to hunt îmbătrânire anti sănătate imun legacyforlife net corrupt politicians, abolish district raion authorities and intensify economic cooperation with Romania and Ukraine.

Ilan Șor is the former mayor of Orhei. At the age of 34 he has a resume similar to more seasoned oligarchs. He is married with Jasmin — a successful Russian pop-singer. Just like that. He is currently in hiding.

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The Șor Party could accurately be described as national-socialist. They believe in Big Government, Big Welfare State, nationalization of foreign energy firms, collective farming they literally advocate for the return of the kolkhoz and all around socialism.

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However, they distrust big transnational involvement such as the European Unionthey like the Church and cultural conservatism in general and, unlike the Western Left, they also support law and order including death penalty. That number may change as a few others are wrapping up their paperwork. Besides, in Moldova it is perfectly possible to be disqualified three days before voting day. Ask Renato Usatîi about that. There is not much etiquette.

In a way, that can be a good thing but the readership makes things depressing to look at and analyze.

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Shilling is also at a level not seen in Eastern Europe for 20 years. To call it low-tier bait would be an understatement. Take for instance this article from Timpul. The Romanian word torționar is associated with the odious crimes against humanity committed in Communist-era prisons such as the Pitești experiment. Similar type of gross exaggeration comes from all sides. Back inthe Social Democrats ulei de față anti-îmbătrânire Romania then in power pejoratively called those who protested against them haștagiști lit.

Well, in Moldova there is a legit media outlet called Diez lit. And the meme-stereotype goes even further: All of the news on the website are incredibly short. Basically the founders assume that their target audience is kinda retarded and lacks the attention span to read words. Oftentimes the presence is pretty glaring. Earlier in this article we mentioned that so many young people are running in this election.

But just how young? Well, one of the few articles that is longer than words îmbătrânire anti sănătate imun îmbătrânire anti sănătate imun legacyforlife net net Diez. While in the EU political parties go out of their way to accommodate young people — some even going as far as instituting a mandatory quota — in Moldova no such thing is necessary.

If the political party PACE wins 13 seats, then that would put in the next Parliament a legislator born in If the Alliance for the Unification of Romanians AUR repeats in Moldova the score it has gotten in Romania, they will send one legislator born in and another one born in On the other hand, Moldova is a mess. Other issues will come up much faster than the perceived lack of experience of a few MPs. How will their mentality be affected?

What kind of worldview will they end up developing as a result of getting into politics at such a young age? Is that a good thing? If not, why not?

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Keep in mind that the economic level of Moldova is very backwards it is the poorest country in Europe after all which can foster resentment and radicalization even faster than in the West. In Moldova the concept of a new home is pretty alien.

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In other words, we at the Freedom Alternative Network, will end up spending in two weeks to study their elections more than the official median household income for an entire year. So when you have cynical youth in politics… things can go wrong. The powers that be It is not fair to use phrases like the deep state or the System mandatory capital-S when it comes to Republic of Moldova.

While, of course, such thing as a deep state exists in Moldova as well, it is far less established than it is even in the neighboring countries Ukraine and Romania let alone the United States or Great Britain. This is the case because, as we mentioned a few times in this article, very few people have a firm commitment to Moldova continuing to exist as a country and State.

There was also the incident when the president was getting a nice bag full of cash allegedly. In Moldova, however, it is much more accurate to talk about the powers that be. And who are those powers? Who holds authority over Moldova?

In the past, the Romanian diplomacy would somewhat bother, occasionally, to halfheartedly deny that it is being involved in Moldovan politics.

Those times are long îmbătrânire anti sănătate imun legacyforlife net.

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Also, the current president is openly supported by Berlin and, by extension, by Brussels too. And the powers that be have already reached an agreement.

C3, sc. Cristian Popiºteanu, nr. Avrigsector 2, Bucureºti Tel. Diana Trandafir; Ref. Carmen Toma; Ec.

Call it a hunch, if you want. What the public sees All while this is happening in the background, the public continues to argue in other parameters.

It is worth noting that in Moldova, oftentimes, the public is privy to the real discussions as well.

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Nevertheless, this election may be the first one in which themes from Romania overlap and makes the public discourse a lot more complicated and nuanced than in the past. Even though at least a third of the populace wants unification with Romania, the powers that be always made sure that that option is not on the table. And the same is being attempted now as well. Mark Tkaciuk former ideologue of the Communist Party founded a new party a month ago with a view to run for this election.