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In her childhood, she spent holidays with Prince Charles and his sister, Princess Annewho were close to Margareta, as well as Prince Amedeo, Duke of Aosta her cousinand the Greek, Danish and Luxembourg royal families. Inshe began secondary education at a French school in Switzerland, where she studied philosophy.

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I really didn't enjoy the baccalaureate, I didn't enjoy school, I didn't enjoy Switzerland" Margareta said in an interview in She taught me a lot about life, opened my eyes to all that is beautiful and good in the world". Her dreams of art school were soon replaced by a determination to go to university.

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As relatives and friends of her parents lived in London, Margareta was hesitant to attend a university there, not wanting to be tied down by formalities associated with being a princess, and chose instead to attend the University of Edinburgh in Scotland. Known there as "Margareta de Roumanie", for the first few weeks she felt a depressing "sense of foreignness".

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She studied sociology, political science and public international law. Engaging herself in activities on the campus, she became a member of the students' representative council.

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Inshe completed her studies and obtained her degrees. Then, in the s, sociology was fashionable, so I chose it alongside the international law I wanted for the United Nations, and the political sciences ordinul maltei swiss anti aging they could relate to international relations and give the opportunity to know systems.

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This combination of studies was very interesting. Maybe now, if I had to resume, I would do something more practical. Later she participated in an international research program coordinated by the World Health Organization that focused on developing health policy recommendations and preventive pilot projects.

Orders, decorations, and medals of Romania

She belonged to the International Fund for Agricultural Development team until Concluding that something fundamental was needed in Eastern Europeshe moved to Geneva to work with the Romanian Crown Council and the Royal familywhose members began preparing themselves for what was to come.

The revolution was the first overthrow of the ruling governmental system since King Michael's Coup which he successfully staged in by arresting members of the Military Government which supported Nazi Germany.

Decizia de numire a fost publicată în Monitorul Oficial nr. Vă invităm să le ridicați de la registratura Oficiului, Calea Victoriei nr. Informare Consiliul Național al Audiovizualului, prin Direcția Monitorizare, a analizat în perioada În intervalul orar monitorizat,

During the Revolution, all members of the Royal Family took a part to console the situation outside of Romania. It spurred her to establish the Princess Margareta of Romania Foundation in The foundation has raised more than five million euros, through which it contributes to the development of Romanian civil society.

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Out of these personalities of Romania, the United States of America, France, and Switzerland, a certain number was decorated by Margareta, on the occasion of the aforementioned series of events. Among the foreign personalities decorated was Frédéric Mitterrand, the nephew of the former president of France [34] as well as hosting a March gala at the dynasty's historical family seatPeleș Castlein honour of the Romanian Rugby Unionattended by Klaus Johannisthe first incumbent Romanian president to pay an official visit to the former royal family.

This is a role in which Margareta will be further leading by following and fulfilling the legacy of her ancestors.

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In her statement, she expressed her gratitude to the Romanian Red Cross representatives, who re-established a long and valuable tradition of partnership between the oldest organization in the country and the Romanian Crown.

In King Michael designated Margareta as successor to "all prerogatives and rights" of his, indicating his desire for a gender-blind succession to the throne; [46] although there was much consideration of altering the line of succession, no actions were taken until 30 Decemberwhen King Michael I issued the statutes for the Royal Houseordinul maltei swiss anti aging The Fundamental Rules of the Royal House of Romania, [47] Following the announcement of The Fundamental Rules, King Michael asked the Romanian Government that, should it consider restoring the monarchy, it should also abolish the Salic law of succession.

According to the Romanian Constitution ofwhich barred women from ascending to the throne, Margareta and her sisters are not eligible to succeed ordinul maltei swiss anti aging the throne of Romania, which is ordinul maltei swiss anti aging why King Michael issued The Fundamental Rules, which comply with EU legislation, in particular with the European Convention on Human Rights.

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According to article 1, paragraph 2 of the Fundamental Rules of the Royal Family of Romania, "The Head of the Royal House of Romania, according to all the practices and conventions of today, is de jure or de facto Sovereign in terms of authority over the Royal House of Romania at any moment. Paul also claims to be head of the Romanian Royal Family, unlike his father.

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Apart from being present for official visits hosted by her father, Margareta hosts official visits at Elisabeta Palacewhere there is: a private meeting, a meeting with members of the Romanian and foreign government, a visit to the local areas, a visit to her charity 'FPMR' and finally planting a tree in the garden of the palace to mark the visit of the guests.