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Romanian Political Science Review, vol. XIII, no. Individually they prove to be rather limited in encompassing the complexity of actors, processes, cultural and community factors which mold the domestic political field and the international relations of the region.

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Therefore a multidisciplinary approach is more pertinent, which draws on the developments brought by specialized fields, belonging to what is generically Middle Eastern Studies. Lecturer, U. The word "Hamas" means Zeal, or regio basiliensis suisse anti aging, in Arabic.

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As an organization, it has sections dedicated to religious, military, political as well as for security activities. But not the data provided above is the concern of this paper, but the origins and reasons which led to the emergence of Hamas on a territory, where, were already acting PLO and its favourite group Al-Fatah, or Muslim Brotherhood for charity activities, and because the origins and purpose of this organization are questioned by different scholars.

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For example, Israel accuses Hamas, of using civilians in Gaza, as a "human shield," and the regio basiliensis suisse anti aging schools and hospitals as a cover for military hardware, while, on the other hand, there are voices, which are accusing Mossad of funding Hamas in order to use it as a casus belli at a certain point, while it enjoys widespread backing from the general population in Gaza, due to its charity program.

Doha actively supported, financial, Doha actively supported, financial, political, military, anti-Gaddafi revolt in Libya, and is now one of the leading supporters of anti-Assad groups in Syria.

At first sight it seems that this country is a surogate state, if it is seen through the lens of the hard power elements, such as the population, size, and military strength of a country, and of relations with U. But is this a valid assumption?

On the other hand, a proper analysis of the topic proposed, can not be properly achieved without taking into account the existence of Al-Jazeera, a very influential Qatari TV station in the region, which has played a major role in toppling Zine Al-Abidine Ben Ali and Hosni Mubarak, and the strained diplomatic ties of Qatar with Saudi Arabia and U. After almost 40 years the same army it is involved in its second long term, After almost 40 years the same army it is involved in its second long term, counterinsurgency operation in Afghanistan, a country which is plagued with a vast landscape of inhospitable terrain, poor ground transportation network and a rampant insecurity.

Of course that in the last four decades, the American Army and its allied militaries have struggled to change and to adapt the doctrine, and its technology to counter an elusive enemy.

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Also, the shift of conflicts from the conventional warfare to counterinsurgency almost imposed to the U. At the core recenzii despre produse anti-îmbătrânire MOOTW is cultural awareness, because these operations often require the military interaction on the ground with local population.

But what is cultural awareness? Is it the key to success in counterinsurgency operations, or just a new concept used by U. By trying to find an objective answer to the questions mentioned above, the research in this article will be focused on the importance given by the U.

Received Aug 30; Accepted Nov 5.