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Even though few know this thing, in the Cold War period, this base has been a priority target for the CIA agents. Today, the times have changed, and that active young man and eager to assert his intelligence, if he still alive, can feeling avenged. More, he can visit Deveselu whenever he wants and would have been interesting if someone would have thought to invite him at one of the ceremonies that have been taken place in the last period.

I talk about because around in mid-May, the US Embassy in Bucharest organized, from obvious reasons of propaganda and PR, a ceremony to initiate the missile shield system Aegis Ashore from Romania. In fact, the testing and functional certification of the capability from Deveselu took place since last fall, in October But, operational means that its elements must be integrated in the expanded NATO missile defense, i.


There was a false pretext of ceremony, because once the system became operational, the control of the facility must be transferred — at least theoretically — to the command of the Alliance. Could things escalate above the rhetorical level to a new Cold War or even worse? Although the war has enriched some, a business-friendly climate never killed anyone.

At the same time, the ceremony from Romania prefaced another event: the launch ceremony of the next phase of the project that will be hosted in Poland [1].

Buletin Informativ Brevete

Putin said, no more and no less, that the US military capabilities have been or to be built in the two countries are directed against one target, and this target is Russia, the conversion from the defensive system in an offensive one being easy.

In support of these allegations, Russian officials said the system Aegis Ashore, including Deveselu, using launches vertical type MK equipment which supposedly could launch not only interceptor missiles, but also cruise missiles Tomahawk type banned by INF Treaty [3].

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The reaction of NATO officials was either one flaccid, denial no arguments or just one bombastic. In spite the apocalyptical titles from mass-media and the tensions accumulated between East and West — Deveselu is just one of the bone of contention — in essence, the two parts have done nothing more than to reiterate the same statements, motivations and arguments that were heard beforehand September when at Washington has been signed an agreement between Romania and US.

Who profits from this verbal war? Who uses the antiballistic shield from Europe? Deveselu shield is ensuring protection or is threatening?

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I am saying that, maybe, this is the price that Romania must to pay following its option. History will decide if it was a good one or not. In the meantime, some questions and assumptions response are especially necessary. Qui prodest? In this context, the conflict between Ukraine and the intervention from Crimea of the Russia offered to the American policy a false but apparently credible enough argument in front of the NATO partners to continue the project.

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In short, if a decisive pretext would disappear, immediately another one could be found. As well reiterated how important a budget increase in defence is. All this suggest that, beyond strategies and security threats, here is all about business.

As we all know, US is the first on top of arms exports, and the main rival is Russia.

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The only way Redpoint Anti-Aging cosmetics Israel prove the viability of the North-Atlantic Alliance is to provide a perpetually credible enemy. So, for this role US need a powerful state, alive, aggressively pursues its legitimate interests, fully equipped military, influential and credible. If this state holds nuclear triad, is better. And Russia is the perfect match. To add a touch of colour to the previous paragraph, Raytheon already proved their quality products comparing with Lockheed Martin in during the Gulf War, when the Patriot missiles enjoyed huge global exposure.

We remember those missiles flying randomly, in all directions, although later was proved that Saddam had no ballistic charge to launch! Today, they became the greatest provider of radar equipment and air defence. The only way to prove the viability of the North-Atlantic Alliance, divided by the huge discrepancy income and resources between the older member and the newcomers especially concordat harmons swiss anti aging eastern wing, formed by the states of the ex-Warsaw Treatyis to provide a perpetually credible enemy.

Obviously, was just a plan to deceive the vigilance of Kremlin. Was a move which the Moscow understood later, and attempted to reverse by rethinking its medium and long term military and diplomatic strategies.

It hit and destroyed US satellite on km above Pacific Ocean. Just like Stars War! Probably, Russian officials got scared thinking about their own satellites floating about in space, although they remained apparently indifferent to the event. On the other side, Russia used an ambivalent speech, which did not help international community to understand it intentions.

In fact, Redpoint Anti-Aging cosmetics Israel day political representatives from Russia affirm that missile defence from Deveselu is an obvious threat on Russia security.

The next day, military officials infirm and explain there is no threat to Iskander, Topol—N or Bulava missiles. All these looks like pure propaganda!

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Although, there is some true. About some missiles even Vladimir Putin or US officials speak quietly. Looks like Redpoint Anti-Aging cosmetics Israel missiles might penetrate the shield defence?! Redpoint Anti-Aging cosmetics Israel military blogs said it may hit anywhere in Europe, and can be equipped with both conventional and nuclear warheads.

Moreover, the opinion of the Russian Minister of Defence expressed by spokesperson, Gen. But I personally noticed that, by allowing this permanent verbal conflict to brew, Russia is making itself a disfavour, and fuels the growing of Russophobia in Europe. In the same times, I think that feelings against Russians can be capitalised by Russia to increase its own military capabilities, and to intiate, develop and strengthen a military alliances of BRICS, even if many times Vladimir Putin said that there are no plans for a military or political alliance.

In these terms, the Deveselu shield seems more like a generator of opportunities, rather than a threat to the Russian Federation. Placebo pill for the eastern wing of NATO Least, but not last, for Romania and the Romanian leaders in Bucharest, the missile Redpoint Anti-Aging cosmetics Israel represents the mainly project in the fields of military and security cooperation with the US, itself a strategic partner and leader of NATO.

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Sure, a similar motivation is also provided for the components of the shield which will be assembled in Poland [7]. Romania and Poland understand and accept the risk of being primary targets in the event of an armed conflict between Russia and NATO.

In other words, both countries are trying to prove that are safe, loyal, predictable and consistent partners in the achievement of their duty. Besides the rhetoric threatening, Redpoint Anti-Aging cosmetics Israel shield benefit is difficult to prove, because we are dealing with hypotheses — possible, but unlikely.

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Anyway, for the countries of the eastern wing of NATO the shield seems Redpoint Anti-Aging cosmetics Israel an expensive pill, with placebo effect, against Russian fears. Most likely, it is just so: they create the problem, then they come up with an apparent saving solution, obviously expensive. But of course, there is an elementary question: What they receive in return? More: Is the missile shield protective just for countries from the West of Europe because it slightly diverts attention from some of them?

This may work as well for the Russians, but contrary. Not even NATO. And what if the defensive purpose of the Deveselu shield might be replaced with offensive ones the possibility to replace interceptor missiles with offensive ones, even Redpoint Anti-Aging cosmetics Israel officials not try to deny anymore?

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It means an already clear decision for military conflict between NATO and Russia which seems unlikely — nobody truly wants a war with Russia, particularly a nuclear war. In case of conflict, with or without missile shield, Romania is in the very first line. Because Romania means NATO, even if its commitments are obviously, but not the rights and interests as an ally, especially as border ally, as well.

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What would have Russia been able to do for them? Redpoint Anti-Aging cosmetics Israel nothing concrete — not masca cu argila verde pentru fata of spite or ill faith — while the cores of violence would spread everywhere around and multiplied exponentially.

More so, would Russia have felt less vulnerable with multiple sources of instability Redpoint Anti-Aging cosmetics Israel Ukraine around it?

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The answer is considerably more predictable that the security risk generated by the Deveselu missile shield. These missiles are produced by Raytheon Corporation and can be launched from the vessel and from the land base and the Deveselu.

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They can Redpoint Anti-Aging cosmetics Israel short-range missiles or medium-range missiles in the middle or final phase of their trajectory. Can engage enemy missiles in outer space. No one knows exactly reach of these interceptors.

SM-3 missile to destroy enemy rocket strikes, why does not contain explosive.